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Bernadine Jones

About the Owner

Bernadine Jones, founder and owner of Contract to Close Solutions, is a native Floridian with over 15 years of experience in the South Florida residential real estate market. Bernadine brings passion, perfection and dedication to her craft and has created an unparalleled reputation for herself in the real estate industry. When her name is connected to your transaction, you can be guaranteed a successful and painless closing with the best possible outcome. Bernadine didn’t get to be an expert at the art of the deal overnight. She started at the bottom in 2002 and worked as a list/buyers’ agent for five years. It was in this capacity that Bernadine began honing her skills, working long hours, studying and analyzing the ins and outs of every real estate transaction. When the real estate market crashed in 2008 and many real estate agents left the industry, Bernadine saw a unique opportunity and began working as a listing coordinator with the #1 REO broker in Palm Beach County, eventually becoming a seasoned transaction coordinator.

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In 2010, Bernadine hung her hat with a Real Estate investment firm in Palm Beach Gardens, expanding her expertise by working closely with agencies and investors as a senior-level transaction coordinator. Her negotiating skills are unprecedented and on average Bernadine successfully closes over 300 transactions per year. She has also had immense success working with clients on seemingly-impossible code lien issues, many times having the liens completely erased or reduced by attending magistrate hearings and bringing the best argument for each case in front of the magistrate judge in favor of the client, saving millions of dollars for dozens of clients. When push comes to shove, Bernadine is never afraid to do the pushing.

Seeing a need for a company that could professionally handle virtually all aspects of a transaction from start to finish (contract to closing), drawing upon the top talent in South Florida and providing concierge-level customer service, Bernadine launched Contract to Close Solutions, whose goal is to provide seamless assistance with every aspect of the real estate transaction. Bernadine’s exclusive networks of professionals and tradespeople share her passion and vision for real estate innovation, creativity, and unsurpassed customer service, and she is excited to introduce this exclusive service to the South Florida real estate industry.