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List of Transaction Coordinator Services

Contract Review 

Review all contracts to make sure everything is fully executed with signatures, initials, dates, buyer's and seller's information and broker information

Party Introductions

Introduction emails are sent out to all parties (agents, title company, lenders, attorneys, etc.) that includes contact information and all important contingency dates of the contract

​Agent Introductions

Introduction to agents and explanation of the TC role and duties

Data Entry

Enter all pertinent information into the paperless pipeline database for keeping track of all transactions and for agents to check on their transactions any time

HOA Approvals

Request HOA contact information and forward to buyer's agent to initiate approval process

Contingency & Inspections

Follow all contingency dates throughout the contract - make sure EMD is at escrow location and escrow letter is sent out in a timely manner, inspections are scheduled and completed prior to expiration of due diligence period, appraisal is ordered and loan approval is received

Addendum Prep

Prepare any addenda that may be needed - extensions, price reductions/credits, repairs etc

Lien & Title Search

Ensure lien and title searches are sent to buyers within time frame

Communication Management

Keep in constant contact with lenders, title companies, and agents to ensure a smooth transaction

Maintaining Paperless Communication

Update paperless pipeline a minimum of once per week to keep agents in the loop

Final Walk Through

Schedule final walk through ​

Closing Date Management

Send agent email with reminder of closing date, location and time

Transaction Customization

No transaction is ever the same therefore we will also customize each transaction for you with added tasks when needed Florida notary services available and mobile closing